A civilization called Essassani who represent (and we don't mean this as being better) a future evolutionary path for Earth. 

Essassani is the home-world of the Sassani race, who are a successful hybridization of Zeta and human genes. 300-700 years in the future from our current time frame.  Their world is already established but they have been communicating and interacting with us here and now, often as mentors and guides.

 The Sassani ('beings of light') possess a combination of the best characteristics of the two races - human and Zeta Reticulan. They have the Zeta's telepathy, longevity, sensitivity, scientific and intellectual capacities as well as humanity's vital, emotional, sexual and physical aspects - also a very human curiosity and the predilection for speedy advancement. They are very likeable. They are rich with humor and fluid in their emotions. 

 I like them. I've even tried to visit them! They are rooting for us, during this transformational time on earth, for we are their cousins. They are in our future and do not exist in our time frame. They talk to us much like Nostradamus talked to his future beings, I imagine. They are Unified and Diverse. They are not 3rd dimensional beings. They will be one of many unconditionally loving heralds who lead us back to the Source of All. 

 Listen to Bashar speak through Darryl. Here is an excerpt from the most recent message. Visit his page to purchase other communications. Support your channels!

Excerpt from "R.S.V.P."
Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka  October 20, 2001

Now, this will be somewhat of a different communication for a variety of reasons. Let us begin in this way: We would like you to set aside your expectations, set aside your assumptions about what you imagine this communication might be.

We have a very specific agenda this day of your time, to communicate to all of you,and as always we have our reasons for doing so.

We are, of course, aware of various events that have occurred of late on your planet, and the build up of energy…

Now we will take a moment to remind you, that we in general spoke of this in your year of 1998, and did mention at that time, that there was, at that time, a 97% chance of what you call a terrorist strike on your New York City. At the time we included the possibility of it being nuclear in nature, for that was the most likely scenario at the time of the sensing. In essence that is the only main factor that has changed.

And because that has now come to fruition,
and you have now passed on to the other side of a doorway,
crossed a specific kind of energy threshold,
we can now find it within our agenda
to communicate with you again,
to continue the conversation that we began
back in what you call your year of 1998,
which to us was yesterday.
For again, understand, that time is meaningless to us.

But we understood that your consciousness
was required to go through a significant shift
before there could be other things that would be presented.
And we will continue that dialogue now.

We also remind you that at one time,
we discussed with you the idea that we have extended an invitation
to each and every one of you and to all of you together,
to become members of what you have referred to in your language
as our Association of Worlds, Interstellar Alliance, Federation,
whatever you wish to call it, does not matter to us.

And in extending that invitation
to each and every one of you and all of you together,
we did to some degree explain that involvement…exchange,
interaction and relationship with us, in that way,
did require changes within each and every one of you and all of you together
and that over your years this relationship would grow
until such time as there would be
a more, in your terms…recognizable interaction,
physiological interaction between your world and our world
and at that time then, eventually becoming, what you would call
a recognized member of the Alliance, of the Association.

And so we would also like to add, this day of your time…information, 
that will assist in generating the next step in your chosen evolution,
to eventually blend…join with all of us in a certain way,
and thus do our part to continue our welcome to you into our Association.

You are at this point, shall we say, "honorary members".
You don’t exactly quite yet have a vote,
except the most important one,
which is the vote for your planet,
the vote for your reality,
the vote for what you want your world to be.

We will be discussing many different concepts this day of your time.
We will be presenting some things that are extensions
of what we have discussed before,
we will be presenting many new things
that we have never discussed before.

Each and every one of these things,
in some way, shape or form
will be connected though it may not seem so on the surface.
And we would now remind you, shall we say,
lift the veil a little bit on our technique of communicating with you,
by allowing you to understand more strongly then before
that the things that we discuss with you, have specific purpose,
not always apparent on the surface.

You and we and all beings are energy resonance
and thus this interaction is more than just a conversation or a discussion.
It is an orchestration…an empathic orchestration,
a resonance frequency vibration orchestration
and the specific things we choose to discuss and mention
have specific effects in your consciousness
beyond the surface meaning of the words
that are translating through the channel. 

So while we are perhaps talking about one thing,
many other things are going on,
in terms of setting up resonances and energies
that will move…flow, in  a certain direction…have a certain impact,
all with your permission of course.
For nothing we do is against your will,
for it works no other way but that you are a willing participant,
and will let in and allow in what you wish.

But there are many levels to this conversation,
some of which are not audible to you,
and even many levels within the words we choose,
and the things we choose to tell you,
that will, in some way, shape or form
tip the scales if you let it in.  
But that is up to you.

Freedom of choice is paramount and always will be in these discussions.
Most importantly, we re-iterate and strengthen what we have said,
about dropping your expectations
about what this discussion ought to be about.

We recognize the things that are going on,
and there will be some discussion that touches upon your recent events,
but we would like to invite you to a different place
than perhaps many of you have been living for your past few weeks.
We would like to invite you to rise to a different level,
and understand these things that have occurred…from a different perspective,
than perhaps many of you may have considered,
or perhaps other than what many of you may have seen
displayed in your society.

This is not so much about who did what to whom or why,
or what is going to happen now.
This is about taking stock of who you are.
This is about taking responsibility.
This is about engaging yourselves…engaging each other,
engaging your gears into more action…more activity…more self empowerment,
more participation in order to act more like members of the Alliance.

For if you are honorary members, if you wish to be, of our Alliance,
then, in that sense, you are honorary representatives
of the idea of the Alliance and the Association on your planet.
And then there are things you can be doing,
and things you can be saying…with love,
without pushing,
without demanding,
without threatening,
without coercion,
without "you had better do this now…or else".
That is not spirituality.

No matter how much you may feel the idea of your heart energy,
you must remember that the words coming out your mouth,
sometimes will still be coming from fear and doubt,
even though they even may be inspired to be said by the things that you feel.

You must allow yourself to remember
to be engaged in body, mind and spirit,
in taking your actions…in your communications,
so that it is all cohesive…congruous…synchronous.
You do not have to force.

We remind you again,
the greatest power requires the lightest touch.
That is why God is all but invisible.
Think about that.
The greatest power requires the lightest touch.

If you are an expression of the Infinite, as you are,
and if you act as such,
and you encompass that energy in your thoughts, words and deeds,
it will take very little to get done what needs to be done on your planet.

And should you find that there is lack of receptivity…move on…move on,
move around…move under…flow over…flow through,
like water…no resistance…none given--none taken.
Act in accordance to the flow of love and love you will leave in your wake.

We invite you now then to understand
that as an invitation has been extended for some time,
you may, if you wish, label this communication "RSVP".
For this is an invitation to respond.
To respond…not react…respond,
which is, in that sense, thus the root of response-ability,
your ability to respond.

You have at this moment
an unprecedented opportunity in the collective energy,
especially of your culture, and of the world at this time.

For see what has occurred,
see what has occurred in the collective consciousness.
Yes, we understand that there may be different ways of looking at it.
Yes, we understand that there may be different opinions
about how to relate to it and what should be done,
but that is not really the point…that is surface.

Look at what is happening…look at the unification.
Also, very important, very critical…CRUCIAL…CRUCIAL…CRUCIAL,
Your culture has been taken by surprise. That energy still exists.

You may feel you are, to some degree,
getting used to the idea of your new place in the world,
your new status…your new relationship, with what is going on on your planet,
but you are still very much in shock and surprise
and bewilderment and amazement and wonderment.

This state is very open to change.
This state is very willing to accept guidance
from those that are willing to love themselves and others,
enough to send that energy into the world now
as a beacon to light the way,
for the way the energy can be crystallized when it does re-crystalize. 

I cannot underscore the importance of this state enough.
It is one of the main reasons we are communicating with you now.
Your culture is now like clay.
The rigidity has gone out of it to a great extent.

Yes, we understand there are rigid reactions throughout,
but this is a fragmentation,
this is to some degree an indication
of bones within a body that may take awhile to change,
but the rest of the body is mostly water and can flow now.

It’s vibrations…it’s patterns,
the ripples within each and every one of your cellular structures is open,
you are ringing like bells,
and believe me we can hear it.
We can hear it.
We can feel it.

And this is why it is important for us to respond NOW,
so that in ringing our bell,
it can set up an empathetic vibration in your bells,
so that we can become a chorus that sings as one.

This state will last for a little while,
perhaps even the rest of your year.
Take the opportunity,
to add the vibration now, strongly,
with your love…with your deeds,
with your actions…with your involvement.
So that you will help select the spectrum…the colors,
that will then become one and many…many and one,
working in concert…living in concert,
playing in concert…loving in concert.

This is an important time…a very precious time in your society
where you can tap into this vibration of newness…of unexpectedness,
of some sense of being lost…foundering,
"Where do we go? What do we do? Who are we?
We are not now what we thought we were!
Where shall we go? Who shall we be?"

Put it out there---put it out there.
Put yourselves out there.
Put you out there.
Get involved.
Show generosity.
Show kindness.
Show love.
Show acceptance.
Show allowance in thought, word and deed.
Show helpfulness.
Show support.
Show connection.
Show relationship. Re-la-tion-ship.

The reason that we know, and the reason that you know
that all the things we will discuss this day are connected
even though they may not seem to be,
is because there is only ONE THING.
There is only ONE THING and we are all it and it is us.
All of us…you…us…everyone…everywhere…everything…every when.
And so, what seemed like different topics, different subjects,
will be the same ONE CONSCIOUSNESS
whose chords will be plucked at different pitches,
creating what seemed to be different notes,
to create an orchestration of allowance, malleability and true power,

Destruction, of course is not power…never has been.
It is easy to destroy. That’s because it takes no power.
Power is in creation. Power is in relationship. Power is in unity.

It takes no power to destroy…that’s why anyone can do it.
And it’s easy and quick.
You can destroy a building in seconds.

Create together…bond together a foundation
that is unbreakable across the planet.
Teach through action not proselytizing,
not "You must know this or else your not one of us".
Not that…not that…oh, did I mention NOT THAT?

For that is not teaching…that is not teaching.
That is only fear that what you say you believe in
might not really be so,
and so to convince yourself you must convince others.
Of course that never works and so we will never try that.
Because we know what works,
because we have been to some degree where you are,
in some ways quite literally.
For you are us and we are you, from another point of view.

Copyright © 2001, Darryl Anka