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Some truths are best communicated without the restrictions of language. 


What do Crop Circles mean?
     What are they saying to us?     
          What are crop circles exactly?
Why does no one seem to see them being made?

Is there a spiritual principle behind crop circles?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The phenomena called "crop circles" is comparable to the great central sun and the black hole phenomena: a phenomenon that has its roots in the world of time/space rather than space/time.

The energies of evolution move from thought. There are planetary entities, which we have before called social memory complexes, whose mode of service it is to create points of coherent mystery.

The same energies are involved when an entity or a group of entities creates a notation such as the Celtic runes. Such a notational system blends the mysterious and unknowable with everyday shapes, designs and images. A rune may be a series of simple lines. It may be associated with a certain kind of tree. It may be intended to indicate a magical energy of such and such a vibration.

When a system of such notation is worked out, it creates a kind of language. Your alphabet is such a notational system. The modern way of writing down music is such a notational system. And crop circle are a rudimentary notational system that is being created, not by a person but by an entire planetary group of entities who attempt to serve as those who alert the people of your planet to the fact that there is more of a mysterious and unknown quality to existence than could be surmised by an examination of the physical world.

UFOs or unidentified flying objects, themselves, in some cases, are the result of the precise same energy. However, in the case of the unidentified flying object, when it is in fact an image rather than a flying object, it has been created by thought; that is, the deeper thoughts of an entire planet of entities.

Interestingly enough, when a certain amount of the awareness of a planetary group of people such as yourselves reaches a critical mass of consciousness, the people themselves, from their deep unconscious minds, begin to collaborate without knowing in their conscious minds that they are doing so. The result of these collaborations is a tear or a break in the continuity of the illusion of consensus reality. And in that hiatus [1], images may appear that bring forward into outer expression the hopes, the dreams, and the fears of an entire culture or population of a planet.

Crop circles, for the most part, are created not by planetary consciousness but by the consciousness of planetary groups from elsewhere who wish to help the people of Earth to wake up at this time from the sleep of consensus reality.

- From the library transcripts of the Love and Light Research Group : more here


Crop circles are energies – and I’m going to put it in very simple terms – energies from the Order of the Arc. Basically, it’s a type of reflection of human consciousness but also energetic symbols from this Order of the Arc, which is the gathering of the archangels representing all of the spiritual families.

They don’t hold power in themselves but yet it is a phenomenal event when they occur. It is a message to humanity. Whether people truly know how to decipher them literally, the energy of the message is still there. It is a symbol about – how to say, trying to think very succinctly – it is a symbol that there has been a significant move forward in consciousness, not just in that part of the world. So many of the crop circles in England had to do with the transformation of the Arthurian energies, which are very, very real, and the crop circles you are seeing now in South Korea – and there are many others around the world that aren’t even discovered yet – but is a symbol of a return to a sacred and divine spiritual energy in that region.

It is also having to do with a potential unity between the North and the South again, one of the only places in the world where there is still a wall. But we do understand they’re building a wall now between Mexico and the U.S. (laughter), and I, Tobias, and backed up by Saint-Germain, that wall will come down! (more laughter and audience applause)  -Tobias  channeled Aug 2 2008

Much of the information that you are receiving through crop circles is being deposited by Arcturians. They're assisting you. 

--Pleiadian Lecture Series:
"Stellar Connections and the
Integration of Galactic Wisdom"

Don't dismiss them as bunk so quickly.
Serious crop circle researchers use rigid criteria to distinguish the genuine phenomenon from the man-made hoaxes.

The Circlemakers responsible for this old-fashioned type of mathematical ingenuity remain at large and unknown. Their handiwork flaunts a facility with Euclidean geometry and signals an astonishing ability to bend living plants without cracking stalks, and to trace out complex, precise patterns, most under cover of darkness, with a few notable exceptions during daytime.

This crop circle can be approached as a glyph of personality. The wheel with the single line of focus is the Belief System, or our definitions of reality. The moving pie-wheel, represents the e-motions, and the ratcheting spiral the thoughts and activities. It spirals into its center point and back out again. The Triangle can be approached 3rd (and indeed 4th) dimensionally as a Tetrahedron.

These so called crop circles are a co-created situation from many different consciousnesses including all of ours. The energy that is manipulated is that of our collective consciousness, of our planet's. The symbols are the expressions of the symbolic dreaming that is going on in our collective consciousness now that it is waking up and talking to itself. 

There are others, other dimensional beings, extraterrestrial beings, other levels of entities that are also involved in this co-creation. But basically what the symbols represent is the collective consciousness of our entire world speaking to itself, communicating to itself, waking itself up out a long, long, long LONG dream....into a new dream. They are a bridge, a link from one reality shift to another, a language.

Understand them by energy, understand them by tone, understand them by form, understand them by how they allow you to feel, understand them by ratio, understand them by mathematics, understand them by any language you wish to because they are universal in that sense.

So many of them appear in Southern England because there is a focal point there that has to do with linking an old age to a new age. In ancient England were the remnants of the Druids that were offshoots of ancient Atlantian knowledge and it became the seat of psychic exploration and society that formed the link and the bridge into our modern age of exploration of consciousness and spirituality.

There are other areas, and it is spreading around the globe, but Southern England is a main focal point. It is a very magnetic spot for the idea of carrying through from the old cycle to the new cycle. It represents of the earliest gates and vortices through which the energy of the old world was preserved and kept for a time when it would then be applicable and available to the new age that we are creating.  -Bashar

These phenomena are encoded keys of energy that are being communicated with the earth at this time. They are a means to activate and re-awaken the earth's subtle bodies. As you receive impressions within your dream state we are working to harmonize and balance your subtle bodies, this is how we also work with the earth, this is somewhat similar. It is an energetic exchange of energy and information and as a by-product of this process we are able to leave physical imprints upon the earth that all of humanity may see and recognize these keys. They will activate openings and transformations not only within the planetary bodies but within your own bodies working in an unconscious way - opening energies and re-activating, re-awakening the most subtle aspects of your being. They serve a purpose. It is a sign that you are not alone, that there is indeed more than the physical. It is an energetic information that is working on many levels with all of humanity - from those who are most awake to those who are most asleep. Simply know that it is part of the process and that as you awaken and open you will understand and have more of a resonance or connection with many of these symbols. It is primarily for the earth and her body, of which you are apart, that these encodements and these energies are transmitted. It enables the shift in consciousness to be maintained and facilitated. -Ashtar

An interpretation of the WABI FARM circle created Sept 16, 2001


One of your last formations in the location you may call Wabi Farm, this formation the one with the watery circle, the one with the wave pattern, the weave pattern that appears to be waves of water, it is in that formation the circle closest to the water trough. Have you examined this formation?

All right. It is in a sense a large area that is circular with a large ring going through and in the large circular area there is both an upstanding circle and a suggestion in the weave of another that is almost not really there. And then in the ring that is penetrating these 3 circles, there is within that ring another circle then outside that ring a smaller circle then farther away the watery circle. Does that make sense and ring a bell?

All right. This glyph, as with all of them is many things and has many different meanings it is multidimensional, you can glean much information from it by looking at it from many different points of view. all of them are correct... there is no just one meaning but we will share with you ONE representation that ties into what we were just talking about:

That glyph is a representation of the Sirius system. As you examine it you will understand.

-Bashar in a channeled communication through Darryl Anka Oct 20th, 2001

Though it has not been scientifically validated by most astronomers, Sirius is a probably a trinary star group

For more possible interpretations of a wide range of crop circles and crop circle inspired art check out this site.

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